Fact: Celtics vs. Lakers is the Best Boston Based Rivalry

Okay this is going to be more of a hype take away from the matchup I just watched, but like the title says, The Celtics vs. The Lakers produces the best games out of any of the Boston rivalries.

Yeah sure, Yankees vs. Sox is a classic, and Montreal is a dumb city full of whiny Canadiens that don’t even want to be there, but lately this classic matchup takes the cake.

Lebron is already the most hated guy in Boston, for him to go to a historic rival was massive. Watching him hit that step back to give the Lakers the lead was devastating. I hate him with all my body but damn if I don’t respect him.

This game alone gave us an awful technical, KCP flopping and a full five minute discussion and review of Anthony Davis’ pinky. I honestly, didn’t know that I hated Anthony Davis until tonight. Maybe it’s just a yellow and purple thing, but screw that guy!

Oh and don’t even get me started on Jason Tatum. 41 points tonight? The young star just puts the whole organization on his shoulders and runs with it. Screw you Kyrie!

The only thing that I can hope for as a lackadaisical NBA fan, is for this to be the NBA final. I believe it will be with all of my heart, but the NBA finals are no joke.

To round this whole thing out, great freaking game, I love this rivalry, fuck the Lakers, and I can’t wait for the next matchup in the Finals. Quote me, @me.

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