Why Can’t The Browns “STAY OFF THE WEED.”


Here we go again Browns fans, another player dealing with Weed issues. It started with Josh Gordon not being able to stay sober. He is the most prolific case. Josh could’ve been a stud, but instead we were treated to this Josh.

Then, we had another glimmer of hope in Antonio Callaway. He was a potential first round talent, that fell to the 4th round. Why do you ask? Attitude issues and criminal offenses which he was released from. Before he even started his first NFL season he was charged with possession in Ohio. The charge seemed to fade away, UNTIL THE END OF THE DAMN 2019/20 SEASON.

Callaway would be suspended from the NFl for violating its banned substances. To put it simply, he smoked weed. We took in a troubled player, and paid the price. Now he’s an XFL star!

Let’s fast forward to February. We have the NFL draft ahead of us and free agency, arguably the most fun time to be a Browns fan. THEN GOOD OL’ GREG ROBINSON HAS TO RUIN IT. The left tackle was charged with possession and intent to distribute in Texas. Based off Texas laws, he had over 2 ounces of weed on him at the time of arrest. That’s a lot of Pot folks.

Now, a caveat for you all. Robinson was not going to be re-signed by the Browns this offseason, but that doesn’t change the fact that he was a Brown who Smoked. Believe me, I am Pro Do what you want, but why is it always the Browns? Is it because you need all that to feel better about the team you play for? Stefanski, you are our last hope. Please, please, fix what has been wrong with this team.

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