An Evening Quickie: Are You Not Entertained Boston?

King Brady sits on a throne of deception.

Oh all ye Bostonians, are you on the edge of your seats? Your Lord, Thomas Patrick Edward Brady Jr. hath gone. He has moved from his castle, and pulled his resources from our lands. He hath left you, Boston. And he’s not coming back.

No sir, Sir Brady is looking for another land to pillage and lay his TB12 roots. Other kingdoms need his services, and are trying to court him. How could you let this happen? This man, no LEGEND I dare say is all you’ve ever had. What shall you do? I shall answer that call. NOTHING.

You see, Sir Brady is going to realize that, if his true desire is to win the Ye Ol’ Super Bowl, then he is going to realize that no other kingdom offers him a better chance then New England. I, however, see that Lord Brady hath other desires. He wants to set up TB12 castles around the lands. He doesn’t just want New England. He wants New York, Los Angeles, and Miami.

I’m sorry guys, I was bored, and I guess that means I go for a sort of Old English style. In plain english, Brady is most likely going to want his brand rather than another ring. If he thinks his legacy is cemented, and wants to get his TB12 brand out to different markets, he’ll go elsewhere. The Brady Bunch has already left Mass. Brady has been actively trying to cause a stir. He wants people to come to him. He wants to be treated like a king. I’m telling you, he’s gone. If Brady wants out, we should let him. I’m picking Belichick over Brady every day if I had to pick someone to rely on for the next 2 years.

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