Tom Brady Is Playing You All Like A Damn Fiddle

Hello folks! Another Cassmoney post here just of me ranting again. Biggest thing in New England this year? Thomas Edward Patrick Brady Jr. and his genius abilities to confuse the living hell out of every sports personality, media, fan, and everything in between.

All in all, this is a frightening time to be a New England Sports fan. The Red Sox seem like a total dumpster fire, Bruins and Celtics look somewhat promising, and then we have this with the Patriots. But the big thing here is GIVE THE GOAT SOME SPACE!

Tom Brady and his family have been hunted down and dragged around while everyone tries to figure out what’s going, and what Brady’s ultimate decision is. That being said, the man is an absolute genius and knows how to play his cards, in the process making you all look like absolute fools.

Let’s do a quick timeline: over the past two months Brady and family have (according to reports whether or not they are, in fact, true or not) 1.) been seen near the Chargers Stadium and around LA 2.) Allegedly enrolled their children in school in Tennessee 3.) allegedly been in talks about moving TB12 to various locations with Las Vegas being brought up a few times 4.) the raiders have apparently given info that they are willing to pay around $60mil for Brady 5.) Brady has told Edelman to come back to New England to train

And that’s the timeline folks! Lots of strange things going on and all that it shows is our guy Brady is a goddamn genius who knows how to play everyone like a damn fiddle while he works on himself. Give the man the space he deserves and let him decide what is the right choice for himself and his family. If you are a part of the Patriots organization and ready this get your ass off the couch and sign this man!

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