The Patriots Need To Step It Up

Hello BOTA World, I’m back! So, lots of talks going around that Brady would love to still be with the Patriots, but in order for that to happen Brady wants two things; 1.) to be PAID, and 2.) more weapons on offense. From the looks of it, the Patriots organization has not actively pursued either of these yet and need to step it up big-time.

Now if I’m the Patriots, my top priority is bringing Brady back at whatever necessary. What’s amazing about this though, is that Brady is so unselfish, he is literally telling the team that as long as they show potential and actively acquire more weapons and threats for him on offense, he’s willing to work something out to make a deal.

Again, if this is the case and I’m the Patriots, I would be willing to give Brady my first-born child and whatever else it takes to get him back in Foxborough. All they have to do is actively pursue some more talent once free agency officially hits. The issue here is the Patriots are the only organization who can negotiate with Brady at the moment, and it sounds like talks between the two are pretty quiet. WHY ARE THE PATS NOT NEGOTIATING EVERY SECOND OF EVERY DAY?!?! GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER AND FIX THIS!

I understand it is still VERY early offseason and Brady cannot technically “test the waters” yet and according to Robert Kraft, he believes Brady testing free agency is good for everyone in the long run. But in a crisis situation like this, locking Brady up should take everything the Patriots have and ever had. Praying they work through this and get Brady back but only time will tell. Until that time comes, please excuse my tardiness while I learn to deal with this trauma.

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