Loved Too Late: An Ode to Brock Holt

I hated you. I didn’t understand your appeal. Why does Boston love this man? I doubted every aspect of your game. Little did I know, how you would steal a special place In my heart.

The notification appeared on my screen, and I refused to believe it. “There’s no way,” I said, “it can’t be!” Well James, it’s true and he’s gone, Brock Holt is now a Milwaukee Brewer.

As I already said, I doubted why Boston loved you, but once you supported Benny for the all star game, I understood. Then, you drove a knife into the hearts of Yankee fans everywhere when you hit for the cycle in a 16-1 win against the Yankees in the playoffs.

Brock you could play any position and honesty you kind of did. You were with us for two titles, but you gave us so much more. You made the clubhouse fun when everyone was miserable and your son, Griffin, stole the show on your Instagram. We all loved watching him slam home runs.

Brock, thank you for everything you’ve done for Boston. You’ll always be a treasure. Enjoy making Milwaukee the most likable team in the MLB.

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