It is February 17th and the Astros cheated, they still have a World Series trophy and PETE ROSE STILL ISN’T IN THE BASEBALL HALL OF FAME.

If you listened to the live show, you know how I feel about cheating in baseball, but for those of you that don’t know, I love it. Cheating in baseball is a long part of its history. Black Sox, the steroid era, Cal Ripken Jr. going lights out (yes I believe that theory WAKE UP SHEEPLE), and now sign stealing.

It may be because I grew up in the steroid era of baseball, but I love the Goliaths slamming home runs. Barry Bonds made baseball fun again. I think sign stealing is way more boring, probably because I just want a nine man roster of Bane from Batman.


So, here’s my point. Barry Bonds and Rodger Clemens could (and should) make the hall of fame, why is Pete Rose banned ???

He didn’t fix games, he just bet on them. He admitted to it too! Pete brought the head first slide into the game! He has the Most career hits and that’s not it for his accomplishments, most career games (3,562), most at bats (14,053), 10 seasons with 200 or more hits. The man is an absolute legend and I would like to reiterate, HE DID NOT CHEAT. HE GAMBLED. Baseball writers of America, I know I’m critical of your old boring lifeless bodies, but let the man in.

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