Y’all know what this about. We are in Day 2 of Allstar weekend and the festivities has been nothing but exciting. Three point contest came down to one point or one shot. David Bertans, Devin Booker and Buddy Hield were your three finalist. Funny thing about Devin Booker is that he wasn’t even invited to the competition until All-Star Damian Lillard went down with a groin injury and had to withdraw. So Devin Booker being a last minute addition had the best first round score to advance to the final round. In the final round he put up an awesome score of 26 following his 27 first round score. But then that man showed up. I’m talking Bahamas own Buddy Hield.

Listen Buddy Hield was my pick from the jump. When your only thing to do at Allstar Weekend is to shoot 3s and some of the others players have to get ready for Sunday and maybe Friday events, it’s yours for the taking.

Buddy Buckets was the last person in the final round and when it came to the last money ball which is worth 2 points he had 25 points. After the he shot the ball, I’ll just fast forward he was raising the trophy! Putting on for the Bahamas!

The last event in Allstar weekend was the dunk contest. The participants were Dwight Howard, Pat Connaughton, Aaron Gordon, and Derrick Jones Jr. When I tell you the first round was exciting, I think that’s an understatement, the first round showed you could of pulled out 3 finalist for a worthy and awesome final in the dunk contest.

The final two were Aaron Gordon and Derrick Jones Jr. Both dunkers were amazing putting up 50 dunks after 50 dunks after 50 dunks. Then it was all tarnished as the judges didn’t want to give out tens anymore. Not all judges just a few. To summarize what happen, here I go. Derrick Jones Jr had a windmill dunk from the foul line that earned him a 48. Totally deserving of a 50 but it is what it is. So Aaron Gordon who has been robbed of winning once with the door wide open to win it again needed a dunk to seal the deal. After a short discussion with Hall of Famer Shaquille O’Neal, Gordon brought out 7-foot-5 Boston Celtics rookie Tacko Fall.

Now let’s analyze this, bringing out an NBA fan favorite like him is showmanship. Aaron Gordon was already wowing the crowd but this is giving the people what they want. Who doesn’t want to see someone dunk over Tacko? For Aaron this was no problem and got the job done. The place went crazy, easily one of the best dunk contests we’ve seen in a while. Then the score came up, a 47/50……………………wow.

For him to get a 47 out of 50 means 3 judges gave him a 9 and 2 gave him a 10. Well Dwayne Wade was one of the judges that gave him a 9. The world seemed to notice his score only as he gave Miami Heat player Derrick Jones Jr. a 10 for his dunk but a 9 for Gordon. I don’t know what that’s all about; well I do know but Aaron Gordon got robbed two years in a row!

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