I’m Ready For Gerrit Cole and His Dumb Chin to Ruin the Yankees

Baseball is just around the corner and I cannot wait. There is a laundry list of things I’m excited for, but number one is Gerrit Cole ruining the Yankees.

There is no way in hell, that paying a human being 324 million dollars works out in the favor of the team. Yes, Cole is a stud who has led the Astros for the past few years. That doesn’t mean shit to me. Pinstripes tend to change a man.

The now beardless ace has issues in the playoffs last year and showed shades of Kershaw. That would’ve been enough for me to drop the price I was paying for a supposed star.

The big contract thing doesn’t workout for teams either. Manny Machado is basically retired, Bryce Harper won Washington a World Series by separating himself from the team, and Mike Trout can’t stay healthy. The only big contract that kind of worked out was A-Rod’s and he was only able to get Bronx Bombers A World Series.

I promise all the faithful BOTA readers this. Gerrit Cole will not win you a World Series. Boston will win another title before the Yankees do.

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