‘Tis The Super Bowl Season for the Browns!

It is the best time of the year for Browns fans. Dawg Pound, it’s our Super Bowl! The offseason!!!!!

We have a new GM, Coach, and Coaching staff and we are ramping up for the combine later this month! Everything points to this draft being massive for The Browns! Here’s what we need to do and what makes me optimistic about the upcoming 2020/2021 season.

Point 1: Draft Smart

it is a QB heavy draft. Say what you want about our lord and savior, Baker Mayfield, but he is our quarterback and he will lead us to the promised land. With that, we can have position players fall to us in our positions. Our biggest needs in the draft are offensive linemen that are part Ox and are ready to protect our golden boy. We should be able to get Wirfs at 10 and then address getting a tight end to help block and catch which was another issue we had last year (Cole Kmet).

Point 2: Get rid of dead weight

We need to cut some players that seemed like smart moves last year. Let me make this very clear for all of you. THIS DOES NOT INCLUDE JOE SCHOBERT. Someone please pay that man. Anyway, Christian Kirksey and Olivier Vernon, you guys are on the block. Let’s start with Vernon. When he was on the field, he was solid, but for the first time in his career, he was riddled with injuries. His age doesn’t bode well and we need to clear cap space to get Hunt back. Now, Christian. Christian, you have been a silent leader for our team. You have been a baller since we drafted you, but something has changed. The injuries are adding up and we need to get a person who will play a whole season on the outside. It’s time to trade Christian and get some draft capital for him. It’s on of the tough decisions you have to make in football.

Point 3: New Coach, Better System

I love the Stefanski hire. I really believe in him, and it would be great for Baker to learn a playbook and be able to use it for more than a year. Utilizing the strong run game with Chubb and Hunt to open up the field for OBJ and Jarvis allowing all of them to shine as they should. Fact: there is no reason that OBJ and Jarvis shouldn’t be better than Diggs and Theilen, who strived under Stefanski’s system. Baker will have the ability to show why he was drafted at number 1.

Stay tuned to thebotasports.news for my Browns stories this offseason including my mock drafts and news. Stay beautiful.

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