I’m sorry Jimmy!

So never in my years of life have I ever been wrong about a sports take on any player or situation. Well I’m still perfect except for this take I had on Jimmy Butler, but I think everyone is allowed one mulligan.

Let us go back in time when Jimmy Butler was a part of the Minnesota Timberwolves. Now Jimmy Butler , Karl Anthony Towns and Andrew Wiggins; with those three names alone that sounds like a tough trio and a team that can make the playoffs. But as the season rolled out it went a different directions. With the team under performing and reports of tension within the team, Jimmy wanted out. This tension wasn’t ideal as the reports were at its peak during a team practice and Jimmy Butler asserting himself on his teammates, coaches and staff. Jimmy was showing tough love on Karl Anthony Towns and others by teaming with 3rd string players and dominating against the starters and targeting Karl Anthony Towns. Jimmy looked crazy after this altercation and was then traded to the Philadelphia 76ers.

Now Jimmy Butler, Joel Embid, Ben Simmons, and JJ Reddick. That sounds like a squad to be feared for years. Joel Embid arguably the best center in the game. Ben Simmons who draw the comparisons of Magic Johnson and is a perennial All-Star. JJ Reddick who is a veteran sharp shooter and has never missed the playoffs ever since he’s been in the league. Not to mention a bench with solid experience, the 76ers looked locked in on coming out the East.

With Jimmy Butler hungry to win every time he steps on the court, and had to earn his way to be considered one of the leagues best. Even with all the recognition, he just wants players around him to work just as hard so they can accomplish the ultimate goal, the NBA championship. Jimmy Butler leadership is certainly underrated and probably took a hit when he was in Minnesota.

When the 76ers were kicked out of the East by an emerging Raptors team led by Kawhi Leonard by an amazing buzzer beater shot, that was the last game we would see Jimmy Butler in a Philadelphia uniform.

So where is Jimmy now? Jimmy is in South Beach but not for the drinks and clubs, no no. He’s in Miami leading a young talented core towards a top 5 finish in the Eastern Conference.

So why do I and I think a lot of individuals need to apologize? Because Jimmy only wants to win, coming into this league he had to scratch and claw to earn minutes and prove he belonged in this league. Now looking back it seems like Jimmy was doing them a favor by lashing out on the 1st string players. With the talent in Minnesota Jimmy saw a road to win but had to break some walls within the team. It seems like the only way to do it was the only way he knew, but the media made him look like the villain.

So why didn’t he stay in Philadelphia? That’s a question we all want to know. But maybe he saw something in his time in Philly. Well the 76ers currently are facing some adversity as they are trying to build off last years season and playoff performance. There have been reports of in team tension, stars under performing and more. Even Hall of Fame analysts have been critical of certain 76ers players. So maybe saw the future with his time in Philly, who knows.

What I do know is I am sorry for listening to the media Jimmy. You’ve been that player ever since you left Marquette. You’ve been through the mud in Chicago and was made official when the opportunity came. You’ve been bounced around not because of the type of player you are, but because of your will to win, work hard, and not accept anything but your best and your peers best. So I apologize and look forward to watching you lead Miami.

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