James’ Sleeper Team of The MLB Season

Folks. We are a couple of weeks away from the first pitch of spring training. The Red Sox are falling apart, the Astros are cheaters, and the Dodgers are all in once again. So, who do I think is the most slept on team who IS going to make a major impact come October.

30 total teams. Who am I going with? They have a Cy Young winner, a bunch of young studs, and have been on the up swing for the past three years. Ladies and Gentlemen, my pick for team of the year is……


The Rays are in a golden position to take the AL East with force. They snuck into the wildcard last year, but that will not be the case this season. As I already stated, the Red Sox (my beautiful baby boys) are on a decline and a place of disarray. They are not in any position to make a move in the East. The Yankees are more likely than not, still going to be a powerhouse. They have the star power, the only issue will be staying healthy. Which they have had problems with. I think the Rays are ready to fight for first and hit the 100 win mark.

Their strongest point may be their hitting. Last year, the Rays hit 769 runs, 1427 hits, and 217 home runs. To say it simply, these guys fucking rake. Everyone knows I’m not a star guy, I’m a gut check fan and when I see players like Austin Meadows, Yandy Diaz, and Ji-man Choi I get excited. They have a team that loves to chain hits together and hit massive bombs. They unfortunately traded Tommy Pham, who was a stud for the team last year, but they have enough depth to replace him.

Okay, but what about pitching? Well, they took the league by the balls with their ability to pitch by committee, their pitchers don’t usually hit 6 innings. You’ll see pitchers like Snell or Morton going the distance, but they are the aces. There are names mixed in like Ryan Yarborough, yanny chirinos, and Tyler Glasnow. They are stacked with starters. Their middle bullpen isn’t great and their closers are eh, but I’m optimistic about their rotational depth.

Other studs who’s names I forgot…

Kevin Kiermaier is an absolute verteran stud outfielder and got robbed of a gold glove last year. Facts only.

Brandon Lowe was in the conversation for rookie of the year towards the end. He is going to be a name you’ll hear a lot more from really soon.

Willy Adames. The man played 152 games last season and had a stellar post season. A post season where it took the Astros 5 games to beat them. NO BIG DEAL.

Kevin Cash has led this team as their manager. He was third in voting last year for coach of the year. He knows how to manage and shows it every game. Even if it is easy with this team.

Get ready for the Rays to make an Impact this year. I’m calling it right now. The Tampa Bay Rays are your AL East champions. FACT

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