Rivers Is Out: Where Does He Go From Here?

Today, the Chargers announced that they would be parting ways with their veteran QB, Philip Rivers, after a 16 year run with the team. In his time with the team, Rivers became their most prolific passer in the teams history and was the face of the franchise through good and bad.

In his time in San Diego and L.A. he worked his way to 6th all time in passing yards and passing touch downs. This would translate to 6 career playoff appearances in 16 years. None of which, translated to a Super Bowl.

That being said, ​what does he do next? Rivers is currently 38 and showed a strong decline the past couple of seasons. Should he follow the money? Or should he chase a ring and cement his legacy? Well, as reported earlier this year, he moved his family to Florida permanently this off-season, so he clearly has roots there. I honestly don’t see a contender in the sunshine state. 

Tampa Bay is his most likely destination. They are faced with the decision to keep or cut former first overall pick Jameis Winston. If they decide to part ways, which looks more likely now, I see them replacing him with Rivers. They could offer Rivers a decent contract to allow a young QB to develop and eventually replace Rivers at the helm. I can’t see him playing for more than two more years. Philip will finish his career the same way that most people do, in Florida

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