Is it March Yet?

Nope so put away your green for the March Madness betting and brackets; and put it away cause we are not close to Saint Patrick Day.

But we are getting closer and the field looks filled with talented freshman, teams with goals of returning to the dance, new coaches and new faces to the NCAA floor. I know everyone has a program that’s a favorite in their heart, but there is right now only one undefeated program. So everyone’s program has gone through a loss. The field is open and one team will be dancing last when it’s all said and done.

Whether your an Aztec, rocking Kentucky blue on these h***s, a Duke Blue Devil, a Jayhawk, Seminole, or Tigers with LSU or Auburn the field is open. In the field we have some names we haven’t seen in a while, like the Fighting Illini , Dayton Flyers, and even the Penn State Nittany Lions, all breaking the top 25.

Not to mention teams that have had a slow start but are picking up some momentum could come out of their conference tournament and steal a bid to the tourney. Teams like UCLA , UNC, and more could win their conference tourney and if they pick up the right momentum. Good notable programs could make their way back to the dance, and once you get to the dance, it’s win and survive.

It’s not March yet but when it comes, get your dance shoes ready.

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