Cass Money Chronicles: Follow-Up On Mookie Trade

Why hello BOTA World, didn’t see you there. Just me doing my thang gonna reiterate how bad of a trade the Mookie deal was with the Red Sox. I hated this since the start of talks but knew Bloom came in for this reason and to get the team back on the right salary and back into contention in a few years. Couldn’t get much worse than this. The Sox got some decent prospects, Outfielder Alex Verdugo and a pitcher from the Twins for Mookie and Price, which, from my perspective, is a big fucking joke.

Is this what you price Mookie at for what he’s done for the Red Sox? I understand the Price salary dump, it was a good idea at the time to lock up a pitcher like Price. But now? Mookie too? And all we get is some prospects, Verdugo, and a pitcher who’s arm DOESN’T EVEN WORK!?

So frustrated with the Red Sox that they even attempted at this and went through with it to be fine with. But now the pitcher, Brusdar Graterol, shows through his medical screening that he is injured!

The Red Sox fucked themselves hardcore here and look what’s come of it, a shit end of the stick. Now the Sox are lost, begging for more out of the deal, and trying to cover their tracks for realizing they might be the dumbest organization for committing possibly one of the worst trade deals this decade.

I’m done this is utterly ridiculous and I can’t do this right now. Please bare with me while I attempt to get over this atrocity.

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