Pack your bags!/Class is in session.

It’s the first week of February, we got W2’s, A Super Bowl parade, and trades coming out!

These trades have me speechless, thinking, and wondering. So let’s dive into it. Welcome to NBA Trades 101!

Atlanta Hawks: B

The Hawks have been really busy towards the trade deadline with great pickups. The hawks picked up Clint Capela, and Nene from the Rockets while giving away Evan Turner. It’s been clear the Hawks are developing their young talent. Not to mention the addition of Jeff Teague , Dwayne Dedmon, Skal Labissiere, Derrick Walton. With those additions and the subtractions Jabari Parker and Alex Len. The Hawks have done well to move some money around , get draft picks, develop their younger talent, have a stockpile or draft assets.

Cleveland Cavaliers: A

How have the Cavaliers been ever since the Lebron break up? Well, they have seen better days. But Cleveland still has a team with or without them. Cavs had an excess of guards and perimeter players most of them young that needed to develop. So trades to move Jordan Clarkson

Memphis Grizzlies: B-

I like what the Memphis Grizzlies did. They added a young piece in Justice Winslow and some veterans to the roster as the Memphis Grizzlies are looking to make the playoffs. While keeping their young core intact. The Grizzlies wasn’t swinging for homeruns but did get a hit.

LA Clippers: A

When you’re one of the top teams in the NBA with a roster that’s deep ,talented ,and young; there’s nothing really much out there for you to go trade for or to go acquire. You look at what’s ahead of you and we can stop you from accomplishing your goals. With the addition of Marcus Morris Sr. , LA roster just got deeper and grittier. Not only is Marcus a player that can score but he has a history of guarding elite players and has a reputation of being a solid defender. Just when the Clippers looked scary before , now they look even scarier.

Golden State Warriors: D+

Well the Golden State Warriors are somewhere where they haven’t been before in a while. With the dynamic duo of Klay and Curry still injured it seems like the Warriors have entered tank mode. Getting rid of their off-season pickup D’angelo Russell and a third of their offense and picking up draft picks and Andrew Wiggins, it seems like the Warriors are building for a strong 2021 season.

Minnesota Timberwolves: C+

I’ll keep this paragraph short and sweet. I don’t know if Minnesota is tanking or making a playoff push. But with the addition of D’Angelo Russell , I think the Timberwolves are looking to create a Big Three for the future. Whoever that third piece is, I know DLo and Kat will have a blast and be a force in old cold Minnesota. I wonder if Devin Booker likes cold weather?

Houston Rockets: D+

When the Houston Rockets were shopping Clint Capela it was very odd. Yes, we live in a small ball era in the NBA but not having a solid starting center can seem very ballsy when it comes to playing good playoff teams. And I get it with Russell and Harden as your backcourt that’s a lot of money and trading Clint probably saves you a lot of money. But if your looking to make a run at a championship you might wanna find a replacement or enjoy early vacation.

Miami Heat: A

One of the biggest sweepstakes in the trade rumors was where will Andre Iguodala go? Well Miami Heat came out of the sweepstakes as the winner as they acquired Solomon Hill, Jae Crowder,and Andre Iguodala in the trade with the Memphis Grizzlies. Not only did they get veteran presence with Jae Crowder and Solomon they also kept their young core intact and gained championship experience to make a run at an NBA championship.

Philadelphia 76ers: C

Now with the 76ers in a bit of a slump with issues inside the locker room and on the court , any spark to the locker room would help them find the right direction. Before the deadline the 76ers acquired Alec Burks and Glenn Robinson III. One of the 76ers problems is scoring off the bench, will this trade solve that I can’t see it, but the trade does bring more veterans to the locker room.

Detroit Pistons: D-

Look the trade for Andre Drummond was bad. It was highway robbery on the Cavaliers on what they gave up for Andre Drummond. Now Andre Drummond was gonna walk into free agency so they had to trade him for something. But the fact the Pistons could of gotten way more in the past for him and have to settle for peanuts and cracker jacks now. Is why they got a D-. Probably deserve an F but with Andre leaving they got something out of nothing.

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