A Shad Story For the Jaguars

The other day, it was announced that The Jaguars will only be playing 6 home games in Jacksonville. The other two “home” games will be played in London on consecutive weekends.

This just sets the ground work for the team to move to London and become the NFLs first team overseas. I get that the Jags are usually one of the teams that ends up playing in London, but if you actually look at polls, they are the 17th most popular team in the UK. It makes zero sense for them to split time from a fan perspective, but the owner doesn’t seem to care.

For the past few years, Shad Khan has seemed like he is trying to move the team away. While doing research for this article, I found out that he doesn’t even live in Jacksonville. During the season he parks a mega yacht in Jacksonville. He has put out comments lightly insulting the city for not having “a nice hotel.”

Jacksonville fans, you might have already prepared for this, but you’re in the endgame now. Shad Khan,without a doubt in my mind, is going to move the team to London the second that window opens up.

No part of this deal makes sense, the city wants a winning team and he doesn’t want to be in the city. He wants to move to a city that is indifferent about the team. Shad Khan, sir, sell the team.

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