Cass Money Chronicles: My Petition To Abolish Offseasons In Boston

I am mad, I am angry, I am sad, I’m hurt, but most importantly I’m disappointed. Disappointed in the Red Sox. Disappointed in Chaim Bloom. Disappointed that this caliber of an organization would even allow a trade of this magnitude. But worst of all, I’m disappointed in myself. Disappointed that I could count on my favorite team to make the right choice. Disappointed that I just first-hand witnessed one of the worst Red Sox trade deals since Babe Ruth. But worst of all, disappointed in the fact that it’s gonna take another 86 years before the Red Sox can prove themselves again. They’ve (the Red Sox organization) cursed themselves; there I said it. The worst part is they deserve it too.

I’m flabbergasted and speechless at the moment that the Red Sox would even consider trading away by far the best overall player on the team. A leader, a die-hard, balls-to-the-wall player who has been nothing short of amazing for the Red Sox. And now it’s all gone.

Now I will throw out the fact that this isn’t entirely Bloom’s fault or decision. The man was placed in a failed team with a bunch of past contracts, extensions, etc. that were down right frightening. And it seems like the Red Sox didn’t even care! “Yeah just pay everyone small contract deals, we’ll win a title, and then shove this aside until it comes”, basically exactly how I assume this conversation went down. And now that it has become a reality, here we are, without our beloved right fielder, without our best hitter. Without our record holder. But thank god we signed JBJ and Moreland what necessities they are compared to Mookie.

So mad that the Red Sox were this dumb in the past to screw themselves so bad this year but it’s now over with and done. What moves can we take next? Easy question, we abolish all offseasons in Boston so nothing like this can happen again. I have had it with this bullshit every offseason. Every team obviously needs their odds and ends to pick up players needed and what not, but Boston sport teams biggest issue is always the possibility of letting go of superstars. And I have many examples too! Tom Brady this season, I am personally terrified just at the thought of him going somewhere else. Wes Welker back in the day. Adam Vinnatieri, Joe Thornton, Milan Lucic, and these are just a few in the past. Boston offseasons terrify me. You never know what is going to happen and if the return is ever going to be good enough. In this case with Mookie, I don’t see a situation where this benefits the Red Sox, other than the sole fact that the luxury tax is cleared. I’m done with offseasons in Boston and I need your vote to help abolish this nonsense and keep our top players from potentially leaving. No offseasons, no short term contracts for Star, producing players, no bullshit. Power to the people.

Goodbye Mookie, I will cherish the times we had with you and all the memories made. Goodbye Red Sox, it’s not you it’s just me, tired, of dealing with your shit. Goodbye cruel world, let me wallow in self-pity for a few days to recover from this tragic, tragic loss of heart, soul, cheers, and memories. Only bright side is the Dodgers still can’t win a World Series. Fuck you James don’t @ me.

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