Last night, Boston went into an uproar, most of you calling for Chaim’s head. I am here to tell you to take a breath and for once don’t overreact. I know I know, overreacting is what we do best as Boston fans and I know I’m a part time Dodger fan, but you have to have faith.

I lived in Tampa for almost two years hence the TA in BOTA. What this man did for The Rays has been amazing. He took a team of young prospects and made them playoff contenders.

If I can throw you back to last years playoffs, it took five games for the powerhouse Astros to beat the Rays. He also brought up a cut young winner in Black Snell and backed him up with some young guns and team rejects like Charlie Morton. Sounds a little like Bill Belichick doesn’t it?

There are plenty more names I could list off, but this isn’t a Rays post, this is a Sox post.

The Sox lost their MVP/ generational talent outfielder and an inconsistent pitcher in one foul swoop. In exchange they got Alex Verdugo a promising 23 year old from the Dodgers and Brusdar Graterol from the Twins. We got a player with a few years left on his contract and gave the Dodgers a rental. Mookie wants to be a free agent. This is Machado all over again.

That was a lot of jumble, but my point is, Chaim knows what he is doing. That’s why he’s in the position that he is in. He prioritized the salary cap over short term winning, but he has a plan. It might just be dumb faith but I believe.

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