A Soggi Perspective: Our Last Hope

Guys, I’m so good at Photoshop it hurts.

Waking up this morning as a Red Sox fan must have been tough. Losing a key piece in David Price was devastating to a team that desperately needed his physical and emotional prowess. Oh, and they lost, uh, (checks cue card) Mookie Betts, some outfielder. Not a big loss to be honest. I feel like it was an absolute win of a trade by the Red Sox, getting 2 stud prospects for two mediocre players at best. I mean, who would ever give a 12 year 470 million dollar contract to a player who won MVP, and finished top 6 in MVP voting every other full season he’s played? That’s asinine. Ludicrous. Absolutely ridiculous. If you haven’t picked up on the obvious sarcasm, you should brush up. Mookie was a top 3 player in the league, and trading him apparently seemed like the only thing the Red Sox could do at this point. As the resident Sogg-meister of BOTA, I declare we write a strongly worded letter to John Henry, telling him to lower the price of everything since he got rid of our best player. I know my BOTA peeps agree with me. Even though I don’t like baseball all that much, I loved Mookie and what he brought to the table as a player. I have made it a mission to not watch Red Sox baseball this year. I will try to watch baseball more, but just not the Red Sox. I have lost all faith in them as an organization after this “budget crunch” cop-out of a move.

Now that I have gotten this out of the way, we are down to our last hope. The Boston Bruins. The Patriots are losing a ton of talent, and possibly the best player of all time. As mentioned above, I have no faith in the Red Sox. The Celtics are good, I’ll give you that, but they are just a step behind other teams in the league, like Milwaukee, both L.A. teams, and Houston. As Boston sports fans, we should be jumping on the Bruins train, and rooting for them to set sail on the S.S. Stanley Cup this June. The boys are looking to make the push, one year after sputtering in Game 7 against the St. Louis Blues. This year could be their year, seeing as though Rask and Halak are playing out of their minds, and the top line is rolling again. If they pick up another top 6 forward before the trade deadline, they will have a legitimate chance to finish what they started last year, and put that ‘Ship out on the water.

Nostrasoggis is predicting that Boston sports will change drastically this year. With the loss of Betts, we are just on the verge of change that will come to our beloved sports teams. The Bruins are our legitimate last hope for a championship. Let’s hope they can pull it off.

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