Who you calling a Snub?

Remember your days in school? When there was a group project with you and a partner. You did all the work, got an A, but got no credit for doing all the work?

Well in the NBA that’s the equivalent of being an All-Star snub. NBA players work vigorously in the offseason to be the best they can be for an upcoming season. Being an allstar is probably the last thing on their list of accomplishments. Behind winning a championship, making the playoffs, being a leader, improving from last season, and maybe winning MVP. Being an allstar is cool but never the first thing on a competitor’s list. Why is that? Every athlete knows what they’re capable of and know the work they put in.

And who are the kids in the back of the class who are doing all the work but not getting credit? Let’s take attendance: Devin Booker , Karl Anthony Towns, Demar DeRozan, Bradley Beal, Jaylen Brown, Zach Lavine, and Spencer Dinwiddie.

First off, really!? I understand, if being an all-star has anything to do with team success I’ll hear you out. But Devin Booker is averaging 27.1 points 6.4 assists and can’t even get a text back from the NBA? Talk about a slap in the face; when he is one of the best scorers in the league with a team that has turned a new page.

And I’m not gonna talk about all the snubs, just the top 2 who really should of been an all-star. If you were to tell me the 6th best leading scorer in the NBA will not be an all-star I would say your drunk. Bradley Beal with the absence of his running mate John wall has carried the scoring load and hasn’t slowed down.

Don’t talk to me about team records! Don’t talk to me about his defense! Don’t talk to me about how many commercials he’s in, or that his nickname make the kids go crazy. When it comes to recognizing the seasons best players, you best believe players want what their are due.

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