BOTA Collective: Player and Team of the Decade

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GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD MORNING BOTA WORLD. This is your captain, Soggi Boi speaking. We are at a cruising altitude of 35,000 feet, and the bois and I have Player and Team of the Decade that we have carefully picked for your pleasure. So sit tight, and enjoy the in-flight entertainment.

Bois, if you had to pick one player and team that represented the 2010’s for you, who would it be? (Not necessarily the best player/team, just the one that stuck out to you for the decade) Also, if you have a team of the decade that you want to blast for ROYALLY SUCKING then do so now!

  • Zack
    • My player of the 2010’s is Lebron James. A conventional pick, yeah I know. I am picking Lebron for the sheer fact that I hate that man’s guts. But I respect the hell out of his game. You don’t get that good without stepping on some toes. He has been a thorn in the side of almost every other NBA Franchise for nearly 2 Decades, but he really took off in the 2010’s. He has been in the finals 8 times, and won 3 out of those 8. That’s pretty dominant. Yes, he is 3 for 8 in winning in the Finals, but he made the Eastern Conference his bitch for 10 straight years, both with the Cavs and the Heat. I hate the guy, but the numbers don’t lie. Top scorer of the decade, nice guy off the court, and biggest villain in the NBA. Not to mention the amount of hairline jokes made at his expense. Cheers to you Lebron, you sick SOB.
    • My team of the decade HAS to be those Chicago Blackhawks. WHAT!?!? HOW COULD YOU PICK THE BLACKHAWKS OVER THE PATRIOTS?? I’ll tell you why: Hockey is the hardest sport to win a championship for, period. I don’t care what anyone else says. The conditioning, strength, and just overall toughness required to play that sport go above and beyond what any of the other sports require. Now, the Bruins will have my heart, and that Stanley Cup run to start the second year of the decade will always be memorable. However, the the Blackhawks did something special. Winning Cups in ’10, ’13 and ’15 is no fluke. That is sustained excellence. That is the closest thing the NHL has had to a dynasty since the 80’s Islanders, who won 4 cups in a row. They drafted those Cups right out of thin air. Joel Quenneville coached the hell out of that team. It’s also no coincidence that immediately after drafting Jonathan Toewes and Patrick Kane that they shot up in the standings. They went from a perennial loser to a bonafide playoff threat in 2 years, winning their first cup 3 years after drafting Kane.
    • The winner of the Suckiest Team of the Decade and the new Mayor of Suckville USA (trademark pending, not really) are the FREAKING CINCINNATI BENGALS. This is the record of the Bengals each year, and their results in the playoffs if they made it that year:
  • 2010: 4-12
  • 2011: 9-7 (Lost in Wildcard)
  • 2012: 10-6 (Lost in Wildcard)
  • 2013: 11-5 (Lost in Wildcard)
  • 2014: 10-5-1 (Lost in Wildcard)
  • 2015: 12-4 (Lost in Wildcard)
  • 2016: 6-9-1
  • 2017: 7-9
  • 2018: 6-10
  • 2019: 2-14

James: Don’t even try to talk to me about this previous decade, without giving love to the most dominant force in all of soccer for the past 12 years. I’m talking 2 world cups, 1 Olympic gold, 2 CONCACAF championships, top three world team since 2003. Ladies, take the stage, THE USA WOMENS NATIONAL SOCCER TEAM IS THE only reasonable choice for the best team of the past decade and beyond. Don’t even @me.

As far as best athlete? It’s another no brainer. It’s Lebron James. The dude has dominated basketball 3 championships with 3 finals mvps. 3 MVPs is his decade in 2010, 2012, and 2013. Honestly, just look at the rest of his achievements so here, don’t even question it.

Chris: I may be biased, but y’all already know who I’m going with for my player of the decade. EASILY Tom motherfucking Brady. And there’s many, many valid reasons for it. Let’s start with some basics here. Tom Brady has been one of the only athletes to remain dominant at his age, unlike anything we’ve ever seen. When you bring up tom Brady and aging it seems that the older he has gotten over this decade (until this season but could be a fluke to be honest and no support and lingering injuries) he seems to become more athletic and better as a player. Tom Brady is one of the most driven, inspiring athletes I have ever witnessed, and to insult and degrade him as much as he is, is just preposterous. The mans stats speak for themselves, and the ability he has on the field is unlike something we’ve ever seen. Especially with retirement and contract talks rumoring about, Tom Brady is the easy candidate for me for athlete of the decade. The GOAT remains an inspiration for millions of how determination, hard work, and passion can bring you from nowhere to the greatest to ever play. Stay salty my haters, I’ll be here * MIC DROP *

Team of the decade is an easy one for me as well and Jemz hits the nail on the head. The United States Women’s National Team deserves so much credit for what they have accomplished over the course of this decade

Drewski: Player of the decade:

For my player of the decade, I’m kinda going with James on this one in picking a 3 time 2010s MVP. The man who in my mind has really defined and represented Major League Baseball since he was drafted in 2009. On top of his MVPs he’s won multiple Hank Aaron awards and has more All-Star appearances and Silver Sluggers than you can count on two hands. Year in and year out he sets the benchmark for a top tier MLB player. It almost feels like he is the consistent default to win MVP unless someone else does something out of this world. TROUT.

Team of the Decade:

This is a very, very difficult choice. Made harder still by the fact that my choice is going to catch me some flak from some of the bois. Ready……….The New England Patriots. Yup, not only are they my team of this past decade, they are without a doubt my pick for team of the entire 2000s. Nothing more needs to be said outside of their 6, SIX Championships since the turn of the millennium. WILD. No team, maybe ever has been as consistently dominant as the Brady/Belichick Pats. This team has had a first round bye basically since all the BOTA Bois were old enough to understand football. Nuff said.

BONUS: Shout out to the most disappointing team of the 2010s in my opinion, sorry Jimbo, the Los Angeles Dodgers! This team has no excuse, NONE, for not having at least one World Series title to show for their efforts this past decade: 7 consecutive NL West Titles, multiple Rookie of the Year, CY Young and MVP winners, 2 consecutive NL Pennants, but a big fat 0 World Series trophies. GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER DODGERS.

Royce: Player of the Decade:

– This pick may come to a surprise to a lot of people because I never talk this sport but it is one of my favorite sports to watch and I cannot count the amount of times I have tuned to this sport to watch this one player. My Player of the Decade is Serena Williams. In the last decade she has won 12 Grand Slam Singles and 4 Grand Slam Doubles! She competed in the London Olympic Games in 2012 and won gold in Singles and Doubles. Williams has also done a lot off the court with activism and charity work, making her the easy pick for Player of the Decade. 

Team of the Decade:

– My Team of the Decade will be an untraditional pick. Rather than a team that represented me the whole decade, this team made the biggest impact during the decade. The 2013 Boston Red Sox is my pick for Team of the Decade. Most readers already know where I’m going with this but I still need to emphasize it. “This is our fucking city”! The one sentence that all of Boston will remember for the rest of their lives. The 2013 Red Sox brought a title back to Boston after a tragedy. They brought a whole community together and helped shine light in a dark time for Boston. Every year, every Marathon Monday, the Red Sox hold a ceremony before the game for the victims and survivors of the Boston Bombings. The 2013 Red Sox will forever be my favorite team of all time, not just of the decade.