Follow Up: Tom Brady’s Instagram

Well. I gotta give it to you Hulu. Your advertising team really knew how to get us all talking, including myself. The will he, won’t he tweets and comments were put to bed during the Super Bowl when this whole post turned out to be an advertising stunt by Hulu.

The one bright shining spot for the New England fans was that Tom announced that he wouldn’t retire in the ad and would be back. Treadle lightly faithful fans. This doesn’t mean he’s staying. The ad was very vague.

Yes, Tom is staying in the NFL. No, that doesn’t mean he is staying in New England. All he said was that he is returning.

That being said, I do still believe it is the smartest move for the Patriots to keep Brady for a couple of years so he can build up the future of the organization.

It also seems as if he wants to stay, not for the 30 million we originally thought, but for weapons. Which leads me to believe he wants one more before he’s done.

Tom believes that the Patriots still give him the best chance to win a Super Bowl. If you look at the other two options, Vegas and L.A., they don’t provide the fire power to give him a chance. The Raiders have the best youth development out of the two, but he can’t afford to wait for draft studs to develop.

With New England, he has Julian Edelman to lean on as a Veteran and N’keal Harry who is going to crush his sophomore season (mark my words). Their running back core is underrated and isn’t even close to an issue. The only issue I see besides the obvious lack of depth at tight end, is a weak offensive line. They lost Dante Scarnecchia who re-shaped their line when they looked awful in 2016.

Here is my final conclusion for all of this.

1.Hulu is great at advertising.

2. Tom is not only staying in the NFL, he is staying with the Patriots

3. The Patriots post the best odds for Tom to win another Super Bowl.

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