Royce is Rolling with Mahomes

Yes, you read that title right! I am taking the Chiefs over the 9ers! I think the Chiefs win this game 34-21 and Patrick Mahomes is your Super Bowl MVP. I’m also obligated this make this selection because I have $40 dollars on this game (You’re going down Zack).

A lot of people are thinking that the 9ers are going to win and that Jimmy G is the next TB12, but those people need to rethink that. Jimmy G is overrated. Yup, JIMMY G IS NOT GOOD! I consider him the NFCs Ryan Tannehill. He has gotten carried through the playoffs and everyone thinks it’s all him. He has thrown for 208 yards between both playoff games and has only thrown 1 TD! His HBs have more than double his passing yards on the ground! Its time for y’all to rethink how good Jimmy G really is… 

But back to what actually matters, Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs. Yeah, they do not have the best defense, but their defensive line will do its job and stop the run. Then when the 9ers can’t run the ball and Jimmy G is forced to pass, the Chiefs start to pull away. Mahomes and Kelce are the 2 big playmakers in this game. Mahomes throws for 350+ yards and 4 TDs, 2 of which are to Kelce. I also think Mahomes runs for 60+ yards too. The 49ers defensive line is the only thing he has to worry about, but Mahomes is a human highlight reel. 

Patrick Mahomes makes easy work of the 9ers defense as he leads the Chiefs to a Super Bowl victory. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to go to Disney World and watch their parade but I will be following Mahomes’ IG and watching him enjoy his time there! 

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