Royce’s Choices: NFL Awards

Here are my predictions for this years NFL Award winners. 

Coach of the Year: Kyle Shanahan

  • What he has done with the 49ers has been very impressive. A lot of people are going to say John Harbaugh but I think Shanahan deserves it more. 

Comeback Player is the Year: Darren Waller

  • This was the hardest choice for me. There are way too many players who deserve this award. Waller went from basically a nobody to one of the best TEs this season and Carr’s most trusted receiver. 

Offensive Rookie of the Year: Josh Jacobs 

  • I am honestly surprised I am not choosing Kyler Murray. At the beginning of the season I thought he was the sure ROTY but then Josh Jacobs happened and Murray didn’t live up to expectations. 

Defensive Rookie of the Year: Nick Bosa

  • This was the easiest award to pick the winner of. The season that Bosa has was unbelievable. How quickly and often he got to the QB has me believing he will be better than his brother. 

Offensive Player of the Year: Christian McCaffrey

  • Yeah, okay, this is a biased choice because I am a Panthers fan but come on! Did you see what he did out there this year? Another 1,000/1,000 season! He is an animal and I think the best HB in the league. Go ahead and say Michael Thomas but Thomas has Drew Brees throwing him the ball. CMC was the Panthers offense this year! 

Defensive Player of the Year: Stephon Gilmore

  • If Minkah Fitzpatrick started this season with the Steelers, I think he would have been DPOTY but also the season Gilmore has was insane. No receiver could do anything against him. Gilmore definitely secured his spot as the best CB in the league. 

MVP: Lamar Jackson

  • It hurts me to choose him because it should be McCaffrey! Lamar was an absolute animal this year and made defenses look silly. After this season, I don’t think people are saying “he can’t throw the ball.” He proved to be a true dual threat QB and rightfully deserves to be this years Most Valuable Player! 

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