Cass Money Chronicles: Why Trading Mookie May Cost The Red Sox

Hello my peoples! Welcome back to my TED talk today to just annoy you with my opinion-based facts but here we are, again. HOWEVER, this time I’m just gonna get a little bit angry at my favorite team, the Boston Red Sox.

Lots of talks and rumors going around that even with Mookie Betts’ 1yr/$27mil deal the Sox are still looking to trade him. I know I’ve been very vocal about this matter on BOTA Cast but just want to reiterate some thoughts on this matter.

I personally think this is the ABSOLUTE DUMBEST move the Red Sox could possibly make risking to trade away who I would easily call the most valuable player of the team. The fact of the matter that this is even rumored blows my freaking mind and makes me angry all around. Mookie should be the first person the Sox work to to keep happy and stable but nope, it seems to be the opposite for some estranged reason. Furthermore, the Sox were quick to resign JBJ, Matt Barnes, and Mitch Moreland before focusing on the true tales of the matter like a long contract with Mookie, or even focusing on Andrew Benintendi.

I’m not saying that losing Mookie will be the biggest mistake the Red Sox ever made, but do we really want to revisit another curse from trading away one of our biggest assets? I dint wanna take that risk to be honest, and quite frankly I’m sick of Boston scaring me every offseason with these trade talks, rumors, and big free agents walking amok.

Fix this Red Sox, fix it right now because I am NOT waiting another 86 years to win a World Series again.

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