I Would Like to Introduce You All To My New Mortal Enemy

This, ladies and gentlemen, is Brock Vandagriff. You might be saying, “Why do you hate an 18 year old.” Well reader, I’m irrational and I’m allowed to hate anyone I want! God bless America !!!

Lemme break it down for you.

1. He looks like what I imagine a movie Georgia QB, would look like. The flow, the blonde hair, the “do you know who my dad is?” look. This 5 star recruit committed to Georgia and my vision came true.

2. He looks like a Dollar General Julian Edelman. I don’t have anything against Julian, but there is only one of him. There should only be, one of him.

3. His name adds to his movie character. It makes him sound like the rich bully QB who pulls up in a Mustang. Then at the end the nerd comes in and punches him. WHICH LEADS ME TO MY FINAL POINT!

4. I am a salty SEC fan now. As I’ve progressed in life, I found my self a girlfriend (no big deal). She’s a Gamecock fan. Therefore I am a Gamecock fan. That means I get to be a salty ass fan now. I am ready for my Nerdy Gamecocks to become the Highschool cool guy and kick his ass again!

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