The Latest Patriot Trade Rumor is…Something

The Patriots are faced with the challenge of resigning the GOAT. This offseason. Reports have stormed in about how he was upset about his pay and the situation in New England. This has forced the front office to weigh some difficult choices to replace the man who led them to 6 Super Bowls.

So what do they do now? Do they draft a young star? Do they sign a high name free agent, there are a couple young studs on the market this offseason. Jameis Winston?????

With all this news flying around and an uncertainty across New England. According to Paul Dehner of The Athletic, there is a name that has been flying high for the Patriots. Real high. Some might say… as high as a rocket…

That’s right folks, apparently the patriots want to trade for Andy Dalton. He will most likely be out of a job with Joe Burrow coming in and will need a new home. The man who has never won a playoff game. Not even one.

He is also known as an awfully inconsistent quarterback. It seems that he relays on AJ Green to bail him out more often than not. The Patriots didn’t exactly have a strong reviving core, so what are you going to do Andy? Short Answer, Fail.

This is not the answer for The Patriots. They need to draft a young QB and build him into what they need. They might even have to trade up to get a top talent. They need a lot of help, especially under center, Andy isn’t the answer.

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