Tua Isn’t a First Round Pick Anymore


It was everywhere at the beginning of the year. The Dolphins and Bengals were in a race to secure the young star. Granted, it was a race where both cars were in reverse without a wheel or two, but it was a race.

Fast forward a few months and we are talking about a completely different Quarterback at number one. The Bengals are drooling over Joe Burrow, the LSU star who had a season college football fans wont forget. While he was on the rise, poor Tua was falling.

Tua had a series of nagging injuries this year starting with a high ankle sprain and unfortunately suffered a tragic dislocated hip against Mississippi State. This would force the young star to miss the remainder of the season.

He looked off all year, especially against LSU, but still gave the fans hope for his future.

Now, it’s time for my bold opinions as let me yell it from the top. Tua isn’t worth a first round pick!

The kid is talented, he has a hell of an arm, and makes great decisions as a QB. Although he is amazing in the pocket, we have seen that modern QBs need to be athletic and mobile. Not all offensive lines are great, Especially at the top of the draft. When you have a QB who in two seasons has had two ankle injuries and a major hip injury, that limits and removes his ability to scramble and make plays.

Not to mention that he was mentored by Marcus Mariota. I love Marcus, he’s a great human. He is not a great NFL QB. This really doesn’t hold any value in a draft evaluation, but it is funny. We will have to find out if his hip is healthy in the February draft Mexicali’s, but I’m not optimistic. A hip injury is hard to come back from and if I’m a GM. I would pass on him to get someone who doesn’t have the same injury that my Grandpa had when he slipped on a linoleum floor.

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