Thank You Kobe

I won’t start this by saying “as a Celtics fan,” that doesn’t give Kobe the credit he deserves. Yesterday, we didn’t just lose a rival, we lost a legend. We didn’t just lose an athlete, we lost a man who inspired multiple generations to strive for greatness. He was more than just a name every kid yelled when they threw a paper ball into the trash. He was a hero… Is a hero.

His work ethic and trademark, mamba mentality drove everyone to never give up. To rest at the end, not in the middle. That mentality drove us here to create this blog and build something of our own.

I was at a restaurant when I got the news notification. I was in shock. There was no way. As I looked at my phone, locked into this insane drop in my emotion, another notification came in, and then another. The news kept getting worse as the day went on.

The child in me will miss you Kobe. The adult in me will honor you. The mamba mentality fired up my entrepreneurial spirit. Kobe Bryant gave me personally this idea that I will never die. At some point my body will expire, at some point, I will leave this world, but I want to leave behind a spirit, an idea. I want to leave behind something that will grow from the seed I planted during my time on Earth. For that, thank you Kobe. You are gone from this world, but your immortal spirit will live on.

To everyone else who we lost, your spirit will live on with your families. To those struck by it who are alive, please stay strong we are all with you.

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