Feleipe Franks, Tate Martell’s Bad Luck, Hokies Want Out, and James is Triggered About Helmets?

The college football season is over and like XXX Tentacion I am Sad (RIP). All dumb jokes about dead rappers aside, this season was amazing. Joe Burrow went from a prose peck that would’ve been lucky to be drafted, to the Heisman winner and potential #1 pick. Clemson and Trevor Lawrence saw their undefeated streak come to an end at the National Championship. He’ll stay in South Carolina, Ryan Hilinski inspired Gamecocks fans with his touching story of his brothers suicide. A million other story lines paved the way for a million more to come.

I am here to present my favorite storylines of the short offseason. It has been jammed packed so far, so let’s just jump right in.

Feleipe Franks Transfer

Franks was named the starter during his freshmen year at Florida. He gave Gainesville the hope that Florida might be back after a long Hiatus. The Gators would end up winning the Peach bowl last year and Franks was the MVP. 2019 was not as kind to poor Franks. He would suffer an awful leg injury early in the year. Kyle Trask would step in and to be honest, he crushed it.

Seeing Trask take the starting position, Franks would end up transferring. This is where the story gets interesting. He decided to transfer to Arkansas. An Arkansas team that has underperformed for the past three years with a combined record of 8-28.

I personally don’t understand it, maybe he thinks that he is the man to turn the program around. I really don’t think that he is the missing piece though. Arkansas needs a lot more than a good QB to fix their program.

D’Eriq King and Tate Martells Bad Luck

The star Houston QB started his career as a wide receiver and split time as a QB and Wide Receiver in his 2017 season. He became known as a threat QB in 2018 but his season was cut short due to a knee injury. He announced that he was going to redshirt for his senior season and later on announce his transfer to Miami.

Once again, Miami thinks they’re back blah blah blah whatever. Poor Tate Martell. If you remember, he started his career as a five star recruit at Ohio State. He lost the job to Dwanye Haskins and then again to Justin Fields. After Fields, he announced that he would be transferring to Miami where it now seems that he is even further away from QB with King at the helm. Granted, he switched to receiver, but we all know where he wants to play.

Virginia Tech Players Want Out

In the past couple days, 5 Hokies announced that they entered the transfer portal. This is days after they met the staff so it comes up as a little suspect.

This is a team that seemed like they could make a big splash in the ACC this year. They ended last year strong by making a bowl game against Kentucky. They lost, but it was a hell of a game.

Nothing else has come out about this so stay tuned and we will update when we have info.

Hurts and the Helmet

This one is way more irrational, but as a Sooner fan, it pisses me off. Jalen Hurts announces that for the senior bowl, he would be wearing a split helmet with Oklahoma and Bama on either side.

Fuck everything about that. I get it Jalen, you were a star at Bama. You won titles with Bama. You were also replaced at Bama. You had your best regular season at Oklahoma. You became a cyborg at Oklahoma. You lost horribly and didn’t make the title at Oklahoma, but that’s part of the journey. Bama didn’t appreciate you, we did! If Burrows didn’t have a Cinderella season we could’ve been 3/3 with Heisman trophies. COME ON!

Okay okay. I’m cool now. Let’s wrap this up. I will continue to update through the season, as will Royce, but he’s a little more fact based. Stay tuned for me and him to do a pre-draft podcast. Stay beautiful 😘

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