Ja Morant Shouldn’t be Worried About Zion

Ja Morant has been a human highlight reel this season. He has filled the very large, Zion shaped hype hole left by his preseason injury.

In New Orleans final preseason game, Zion was absent with right knee soreness. He would proceed to get arthroscopic (big word alert) surgery.

ESPN treated Zions as the second coming of basketball Jesus. Although he had a great career at Duke, we have see too many first round flops to dive in on a Duke big man. Looking at you, Okafor.

Ja got the chance to take center stage. Bound to be the under appreciated rising star after becoming the second pick after Zion. He has delivered so far. As of writing this, he is averaging 17.9 ppg and 7 assists with an average of 29.9 minutes. Not to mention, he is leading in Rookie of the Year voting.

Zion is set to debut tonight (1.22.20) and ESPN is buzzing once again. Granted, there isn’t a lot for them to talk about at this time of year, but this has the feeling of a new Lebron hype beast. I foresee a future of daily Zion updates on every show for ESPN.

My friends, my beautiful followers, hi. I’m here to tell you not to worry. I don’t foresee Zion being as big as he is built up to be.

Exhibit A: His knee

Doctors are much better now,l than in previous years, but knee injuries are persistent. He has had issues since college. Remember the exploding shoe? Yeah. It was a bad omen folks.

Exhibit B: His range and stacking the paint

Zion is a powerful player, I’ll give him that, but what happens when you keep him out of the paint? He only hit a third of his shots from outside the paint. When he is in the paint, he is an animal, but isolate him, it might be a different story.

I know I only presented two opinions, but I stand by them. I firmly believe that Memphis building around Ja is the better long term move. This is coming from a guy who thought RJ Barrett was the best pick in the draft (still has yet to be seen). I will die on the hill that Zion will be solid in 3 years, but as far as this year, it’s not all it’s built up to be.

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