Whoever Didn’t Vote For Jeter, I’m Coming For You…

I don’t care who you root for. I don’t care what city you are from. I couldn’t care less about dumb stats or popularity, there is no way in hell that Derek Jeter shouldn’t have been the second unanimous vote for Hall Of Fame. Baseball writers WAKE UP.

Writers isn’t even fair. It’s just one dude. One guy. One asshole, thought Jeter shouldn’t be a unanimous HOF’er.

Look at the numbers. Over a 19 year career, he amassed 3465 total hits, 260 home runs, all with a career .315. That stacks up as third all time on the short stop list behind a couple small names like Honus Wagner and Cal Ripken Sr. He is one of 28 players to be in the 3,000 hit club. The stats for sure hold up.

He was the rookie of the year in 1996. Do you know who else was a rookie that year? Andruw Jones ( by the way auto correct is a pain in the ass for that name), Luis Castillo who might be the only relevant pitcher on the Reds, ohh and VLAD FREAKING GURRERO. All of this led to 15 all star appearances and 5 World Series titles. COME ON!

Put all stats aside, put all trophies aside. Look at it this way, the man defined a generation of baseball. I am a Red Sox fan and I loved Jeter. I could throw a list of names I hated on the Yankees growing up and Jeter might be on there, but At the same time, I loved and respected him whenever I watched him play. He is an absolute legend and deserves a 100% vote so in conclusion, fuck you Baseball Writers of America.

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