Cass Money Chronicles: Why Is Dustin Pedroia Still A Red Sox Player?

So to clear some things up I’ll start by saying I personally love Dustin Pedroia, I think he was an amazing Red Sox player and captain when he was in his prime. But now? The man needs to retire and the Red Sox organization knows and neither will do anything about it. Pedroia is trying live out his contract, and I personally thinks he doesn’t want to give up the hope that his playing days are over, but in the otherhand, the Red Sox are just letting it fly and “hoping” that he can recover from his very long list of injuries.

The 36 year-old is still on his 8-year/$110mil contract through 2021, but since 2018 has only played a total of 9 games with 33 at-bats. The once Rookie-of-the-Year, MVP, and a 4-time All Star is clinging onto to his contract hoping for a chance to play in the league again, but it seems more and more far-fetched with each lingering struggle of injuries he encounters.

Pedroia is one of my all-time favorite players, but it’s safe to say his days of playing are over. What gets me here though is the Red Sox are still clinging to him and his contract and can’t do anything about it unless Pedroia either decides to retire, voiding his 2021 $12mil minimum salary, or the Red Sox give him a post-playing contract as a coach or personnel. In a time of need when the Red Sox really screwed themselves during this offseason, with multiple free agents, luxury tax issues, manager replacements, and more, Dustin Pedroia’s lingering contract should be the least of everyone’s worries. But here we are, wondering why Pedroia has yet to call it a career and move on to coaching the team he calls home.

In a year following the Red Sox mishaps and a worse offseason, Pedroia’s contract and injuries just adds more fuel to a fire already burning in the Red Sox organization. I can’t wait to see Pedroia as a fielding or hitting coach, but right now, We don’t still need him as a player. Here’s to hoping things start to pan out for the burdened Red Sox.

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