Katie Sowers is Kind of a Big Deal

Last night, the San Francisco booker their ticket to the Super Bowl with a massive win over the Green Bay Packers (37-20). The high powered 49ers offense was pushed by Raheem Mostert who had 220 yards rushing and 4 touch downs.

No one can deny Mostert’s monster season and game, but the biggest story that people are glancing over, is Katie Sowers.

Katie started her career in the Women’s football alliance and won the 2013 IFAF Women’s World Championship. Her career was cut short due to a hip injury.

She took that knowledge to the NFL with the Flacons in 2016. Katie joined the 49ers coaching staff as an seasonal offensive assistant in 2017. She would become know for being the first openly LGBTQA coach and first female coach in the NFL. Now that the 49ers made the Super Bowl, she has become the first Female Coach and LGBTQA coach in the Super Bowl.

As sport fans, we should be cheering for her and advancing society. Sports have always been about breaking barriers and she is a great first step for women everywhere. Who cares what the gender of the person helping you is, you need to put the best people in every position. Katie I support you.

The Buccaneers seem to agree with me as they have two coaches (Maral Javadifar and Lori Locust) on their staff. Maral is an assistant strength and condition coach and Locust is an assistant defensive line coach. These women are all paving a path for women to get into sports with no bias. Keep breaking barriers!

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