Why It Only Makes Sense For Tom To Stay a Patriot

Earlier this week, the state of Massachusetts was sent into a panic when the news came out that Tom Brady’s suite had been cleaned out and that his family was now living in a home in Connecticut.

    Does this mean that the Pats are destined to part ways with the GOAT? I’m here to tell you why the Patriots need Tom for at least another year. 

We all saw the “Tom Brady is washed up” or “Is Tom Brady done,” headlines this season. Let’s be honest, he has had a serious production drop in recent years, but it is now showing because he doesn’t have the talent around him to keep him afloat. Gronk is gone, Edelman looks like a shell of himself, and let’s not forget about the one game we had with Antonio Brown. He was clearly a better QB with those pieces and now that he doesn’t have that safety blanket, it doesn’t look like the same old Tom. 

   That being said, the Patriots need Tom to help them transition. They have done a fantastic job drafting young talent on both sides of the ball, but there is one hole that they haven’t filled. Tom’s replacement. 

   Let’s divert and say he does leave in the offseason, where could he end up? So many teams have young Quarterbacks that are learning and growing at a surprising rate. So, putting an old veteran ahead of them doesn’t make any sense. Are you really going to pull Baker Mayfield for a year or two? He is notoriously hot headed. He will demand a release and be on to better things. He only makes sense with teams that have a veteran that isn’t performing, like the Raiders or the Chargers. 

The Pats should not let him go to another AFC team. That’s just awful playoff planning. To be honest they can’t let him go anywhere. This is a high quality QB draft. They can go out and get someone later like Jacob Eason or Jake Fromm. Both of these guys have a wealth of potential and with time under Brady, could try to fill those massive shoes Tom left behind. It makes more sense for The Patriots to give Tom a bridge contract for a couple years, and bring in a young QB to take over when they are ready.

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