A Soggi Perspective: Did Anyone Else See THIS Coming?

Titan’s Jonnu Smith makes an INCREDIBLE catch in the endzone to give his team the early lead.

So much for the next best thing, huh? The mighty Ravens looked absolutely flat against the Titans. Yeah, Llamar Jackson had the yards of a great game, but the result said otherwise. What went wrong for the “unbeatable” Ravens, and what went right for Mike Vrabel and the Titans? Quite simply, everything. The Titans didn’t try to do anything that they weren’t. They are a running team. They RAN the ball down the throats of the Ravens’ defense. Derrick Henry had another huge playoff game, totaling 202 yards on the day. Oh, he also threw a touchdown pass. Derrick Henry is their best player. It’s not a secret. Everyone on that field knew what the Titans wanted to do, but no one was going to stop him. That man is a TANK. Besides the direct snap passing touchdown that Henry threw, there were no surprises, no gimmicks. The Titans played smash-mouth football, and dominated. The defense played outstanding, limiting the big plays from the Ravens, and only let up 12 points. The Titans also limited the stupid plays on both sides of the ball. They finished the game with no turnovers on offense, but were able to pick Llamar Jackson off twice, and collected a fumble from him. They were able to capitalize on 2 of the turnovers, scoring 14 points off of them.

I really think that the Ravens beat themselves here. They actively tried to have Llamar Jackson be their savior. He really showed that he was playing his first full season at quarterback, because his mistakes heavily outweighed his production. 3 turnovers on the day is tough, especially when 14 of your opponents points came from 2 of those turnovers. Those 14 points are crucial, as that would make it less than a 1 possession game late in the 4th. The Ravens kept the ball away from Mark Ingram III for some reason, only giving him 6 carries on the day. 6 carries. Why did they not give the ball to Ingram more? They became predictable, as both the air and ground game went through Jackson. I think the moment got to big for him, and he tried doing too much. His wide receivers didn’t do him any favors, mostly, as they dropped a good amount of easily catchable balls. If you want to blame any one person for this game, I’d blame the coach. John Harbaugh. Why move away from what worked? I get that Jackson is your best player on offense, but running the ball through Ingram really helped them all season.

What was a disaster for the Ravens was a night of pure joy for the Titans. Mike Vrabel really has something there. I already think they won their season. Even if they don’t win the AFC Championship, they have gone a lot farther than anyone expected them too. They have limited Tannehill’s impact on the game, which is extremely necessary if they want to continue to advance. He has been much better than he was on the Dolphins, but he’s still not the person you want to give the ball to when it matters most. That man is Derrick Henry. King Henry. Everyone hop on the train now. The Titans will make it to the Super Bowl this year IF they continue to feed the man. I still think the 49’ers are too strong and will win the Super Bowl. But this Titans team could be a miracle in the works. Just you watch.

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