Tagovailoa and Fromm Declare

To some people, Tau Tagovailoa and Jake Fromm declaring for the NFL Draft comes as a surprise. For others, they knew they would all along. For me, I am split. I think it was the best decision for Tagovailoa but it could hurt his draft stock. As for Fromm, I think he should have went back but it could pay off that he didn’t. 

Lets start with Tagovailoa. Before his hip injury on November 16th, it looked as if he had a chance to go #1 overall. When he went down he was almost at 3,000 yards and have 33 touchdowns. He only threw 3 picks. He guaranteed himself a first round pick, up until he went down. This injury could have Tua dropping down draft boards, which is great for some teams. A team like the Dolphins could try and wait until the 2nd or use one of their later picks to get him. I see Tua going late 1st/early 2nd but would not be surprised to see him go later. If he went back to school, he would have a chance to be the #1 pick but also he could reinjure himself and end his football career.

As for Fromm, him declaring could impact Tagovailoa’s draft. Yes, Fromm didn’t have the best year but he has stayed healthy. Teams may reach for him over Tua. It is very unlikely but possible. Fromm showed signs of being a first round pick his last 2 seasons but this year was not his year. He threw for 2,800 yards, 24 touchdowns and 5 picks. This was not the season Fromm thought he was going to have. He went from a first round pick to a late 2nd/early 3rd, in my eyes. This would be big for a team like the Patriots, who I think he would succeed with. If he did decide to go back to school, Pickens would help him regain his first round grade. 

Overall, I think both of the quarterbacks could go in the first round. I think with Tagovailoa’s injury, Fromm could rise up draft boards. It all comes down to the combine and their schools pro days. Hopefully, Tua will be able to participate in both but it is still up in the air. Whatever happens, if Tagovailoa can get back to where he was, he will be a teams starter very soon. If Fromm does fall, expect him to go to a team like the Pats or Saints, if Brady resigns,  who have elite QBs who can train him and get him ready in a year or two. 

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