A Soggi Perspective: The Time Has Come

How does Tom Brady go out? (Credit to axios.com)

This topic has been talked about ad infinitum. How does it all end for Tom Brady? From random sports fans here in New England, beat writers and sports analysts around the country, and even the players and coaches themselves, we have gotten millions of different theories and avenues that Brady could take on his way out the door of the NFL. Does he retire a Patriot? Does he move on and pursue the final years of his career playing for a different team? Does he retire on top? Does he never retire? Hell, this guys could try and play until he’s 75. Try being the key word here.

There have been so many people who have tried to crack the code on Brady’s eventual retirement, and quite honestly, why even bother? Yes, I understand it’s literally the job of every sports writer, broadcaster, and analyst to try and predict the future on sports. Something like this, however, is so monumental. Brady really isn’t like any other player that has graced the field before. I don’t need to go into detail on how he was a 6th round pick blah blah blah. Everyone already knows that. He WAS a 6th round draft selection in 2000. He’s a Hall of Fame quarterback now. Brady, the Patriots, and hell, even the League, is sitting in uncharted territory. Brady is planning on coming back next year, at the age of 43. No other quarterback has done this before, let alone another player of his caliber.

We as sports fans need to realize how much Brady is working and sacrificing in order to come back and play. Step back for a minute, and just appreciate the guy, instead of actively wishing his career away. Yes, he has been falling off the past 2 years. The dude still threw for more than 4,000 yards this season, at 42, with one of the worst wide receiver and tight end groupings I’ve seen in Patriots history. The potential was there for them to be much better than they were, but they were dead last in yards of separation from the closest defender. They could not create space for themselves, and therefore made it much harder for Brady to complete passes this year. Jules is definitely a number 1 guy, don’t get me wrong here. But he’s getting older, and he could use some help across from him to take some pressure off. Week in and week out, he was garnering each teams top coverage. Brady had virtually no other options, as his receivers couldn’t hold on to the ball this year. Brady’s increasing age was a factor, obviously. However, I put this more on the lack of actually receiving threats.

After all that he has done for not only New England, but the NFL as a whole, we should just sit back and watch Tommy Boy ride out his last years. He has earned the right to do whatever the hell he wants at this point. If he wants to continue to play with the Patriots, and the number is right, he’ll do that. If he feels like his time is up, then he’ll retire. If he wants to test the waters and sign with another team, he’ll do that. Let the man have some time. He’s human, after all. No other player in league history has been Tom Brady. I doubt there ever will be anyone else like him. So let’s give the man the credit he deserves, let him have some time with his family and think about his immediate future in the league. Brady will retire when he is ready, and he clearly thinks, as of right now, he still has more left.

As much as everyone may hate him outside of New England, everyone loves a good villain. That is what Brady has been for the rest of the NFL since the 2007 season of near perfection. Those of you out there that are actively hating on Brady, keep doing it. He clearly listens to the noise. And the man thrives off of it. At the same time though, appreciate what he is doing. Yeah, he’s not your quarterback. That sucks for you. But you appreciate greatness when the time comes. There have only been a handful of players even close to Brady’s status. MJ. Lebron. Williams. Montana. You may not like them, hell you could even despise them. But you tip your cap to them for what they’ve done. Well, the time has come. Respect the man for what he has accomplished. He’s not done, I get that. But realistically, any day could be his last in the League. The time has come sports fans. It’s time to look at what he has done, not what he’s going to do.

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