Cass Money Chronicles: My Sincere Apologies

I’m 8 beers in, tears running down my face, and anger burning through my veins and I just want to tell you all my sincere apology for keeping hopes alive to many of you out there. This is some bullshit. Patriots shouldn’t of lost the last two weeks, but they did. Now what? Well to put it best, on to next season.

Of course, the Patriots have a LONG postseason ahead of them and hopefully they can make the best of it and do what needs to be done to be successful next season. Let’s dive right in to the Patriots; the offseason needs and wants, the season highlights, and the dreaded downfall.

To start, I’d like to apologize for my posts and comments throughout the season. I am truthfully shocked at how this season played out, from me being able to say the patriots can go undefeated, to definitely making it to the AFC championship, falling to at least a 1st round bye, to Wild Card being a sure-fire win, and to being knocked out of the playoffs in the Wild-Card round. What happened with the Patriots this season is nothing short or shocking. And although at times the team looked phenomenal, in the end it wasn’t enough for this years tough combo of fighters. With the #1 overall defense, we were certain that the Patriots could keep this fire and intensity throughout the season. By week 6, the defense had more points scored at the time than 6 other teams in the NFL. What an accomplishment. The offense in the other hand was a lost cause throughout the season.

Starting with the early weeks of the season, the Patriots wife receiver core consisted of Julien Edelman, Josh Gordon, Phillip Dorsett III, Jakobi Myers, N’Keal Harry, and at one point, Antonio Brown. The rushing scene looked just as stacked with Sony Michel coming off a great year, James White, Brandon Bolden, Rex Burkhead, and James Develin. What should have been a statistically outrageous offense turned into a injury-lingered, slow-paced, unprotected, scarefest. Injuries riddled the Patriots offense throughout the season, it clearly showing the capabilities and options Tom Brady has to work with when he can’t trust everyone including himself. The offensive line didn’t provide much support to Brady this season ever, leading to more sacks, pressures, interceptions, and downright bad throws throughout the regular season.

The thing is though; up until week 9 the Pats hardest game was against the Bills, leading us to believe what could be a spectacular season, while other teams rose to the top across the league. Come time to perform against top teams, the Patriots fell flat among the the stars and the ridicule began. It the hope was still there for the first-half-of-the-season Patriots to class e back and rise up again but we never found our true selves with it. The Patriots remained unpredictable, the defense and special teams winning us games more than the offense. And that’s exactly what happened.

But that’s all over with and done for now, we’re on to next season. The big question now though, is what needs to be done this offseason in order to return to the dominant Patriots they once were? First is Offensive Coordinator. Let Josh McDaniels leave, we need to mix this offense up and get a fresh new set of eyes telling Tom Brady who his best targets are. I have no worries that Mcdaniels can find a head coaching job elsewhere, and possibly one day because the head coach if the Patriots organization. But for now, he needs to move on. Second but most important is Tom Brady. Another contract year for Brady and all we hear is rumors that he doesn’t love it here, his time has come, or he’s leaving for something better. And as scary as it sounds, we should bring reality into the case and realize that all this sounds ridiculous. Brady has taken a pay cut almost every contract year, and look where it has brought the organization. The Patriots biggest need this offseason is getting Tom Brady back, happy, and PAID. As I said before, Brady has always taken hometown discounts for the Patriots, and it’s fair to say he deserves to get the money he deserves to stay with the Patriots. PAY THE MAN WHATEVER HE WANTS. Our other big focus should be getting reliable receivers, keeping the defense happy, and fixing the offensive line as well as possible. If the Patriots plan to fix their issues and make it far into the playoffs next season, the Offense is the biggest focus for changes.

It’s sad to see the Patriots out in the Wild Card round, but the loss is a good thing in the long run. The Patriots can see their biggest flaws, fix them, and be back stronger next season. Buckle up ladies and gents, we may be witnessing more history next season.

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