Hot Seat Watch

The last Sunday with football for everyone is upon us. While some of our teams are destined for the playoffs, others are collapsing and looking forward to the offseason. As a Browns fan, the offseason is really the highlight of our year. The offseason brings us new young talent for the draft and personnel changes. With Ron Rivera already fired, let’s look at who else is feeling the heat.

Freddie Kitchens

I am reluctant to start this blog by talking about Freddie. Anyone who listens to our podcast knows how much I hate this man. He had the keys to the castle and ended up ruining it all. He has mismanaged the offense all year, drove the offensive coordinator away, and somehow managed a below .500 record with one of the most talented young offenses we have seen (on paper). The Browns said that it would take a monumental collapse for him to be fired. The Dawg pound is rooting for Cincinnati to win against their own team, I’d call that a pretty big collapse.

HOT SEAT LEVEL: Black leather car seat in the summer and you turned on the seat warmer accidentally.

Adam Gase

Oh Adam. You were fired by Miami two years ago and somehow managed to get a job in New York. The New York media thought you were going to be the savior to this unfortunate team. They looked pst the crazy eyes press conference and were ready for you to lead them to glory in the AFC. HA! Gase has started showing shades of the same arrogance that got him fired before. He hasn’t handled criticism well at all saying things like “ I’m rich as F***,” when confronted with angry fans. It might not be this year, but Gase… be ready.

HOT SEAT LEVEL: Buns have just been put in the toaster. Get ready for an early 2020 firing.

Doug Marrone

Jacksonville’s favorite gym teacher, Doug Marrone, was almost the second coach fired this year. Reports came out that the Jags game against the Colts would be his last with the team. By the way, what’s the point of sending a coach out to coach one last game in a losing season? It’s not like that will pad his resume that much. This turned out to be a flash report, but after this season, it is possible. He lost his star CB, Jalen Ramsey, early this season while they were in an early downward spiral. Marrone thought he got lucky with Minshew, who realistically could have bought Doug some time. However, this was not the case, Gardener Minshew has shown that he isn’t quite what we thought he was. The team is in disarray, Shahid Kahn is not happy and has already fired Tom Coughlin in response to their collapse. Quick reminder, this team was in the AFC final 2 years ago…

HOT SEAT LEVEL: Drunk Taco Bell at 3am

Dan Quinn

The Falcons have an amazing amount of talent on the offense. Julio Jones is a generational talent and is considered to be one of the best Wide Receivers of all time. Calvin Ridley is proving to be a versatile young player who could step in to the shoes Jones will leave behind. Matt Ryan is….competent. They do have a weak defense which has held them back in a few games, but they are a couple of playmakers away from being back to a contender. So tell me, how does all that translate to a 6-9 record at the time of writing this? The only answer is bad coaching. Dan Quinn hasn’t seemed to have the same control of the team as he did in the 2016-17 season where they lost in the super bowl that spawned a million memes (28-3). Arthur Blank has claimed that Dan Quinn’s job is safe…. I beg to differ.

HOT SEAT LEVEL: Arthur Blank has the seat temp set at 283 degrees (I couldn’t resist)

Bill Belichick

HAHAHAHAHAHA… Ok sorry, I just can’t be serious for that long. If Bill gets fired I’ll shave a heart into my chest.

Pat Shurmur

The Giants have been awful this year. They will end the season with a top 5 pick, but what else is new. I mean honestly, the Giants have only had one winning record season in the past 6 seasons! They have had an awful run as a team, but they are making steps in the right direction. Daniel Jones is proving to be a good young Qb, Evan Engram is amazing when healthy, and Saquon is going to be a top 5 running back until he retires. They are building something strong. I’m willing to bet that they give Pat Shurmur one more season and see what happens.

HOT SEAT LEVEL: Just turned on the seat warmer

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