A Soggi Perspective: Bills and Patriots 2: Electric Boogaloo

This game is for control of the AFC East, something that hasn’t happened in a long time. (Credit to thenewportbuzz.com)

This game is a must watch, especially for those of you that think the Patriots are done. The 10-4 Buffalo Bills (this was extremely weird for me to write) and those pesky 11-3 New England Patriots face off for the second time this season on Saturday at 4:30pm. This game will decide which team will win the AFC East. The Patriots have the easier road, as all they would need to to as just win the game. The Bills, however would need the Patriots to loose out, and they would need to win out themselves. So this game basically will determine the outcome of the AFC East.

There is a little more to this game however. Seeing as both have already clinched a playoff spot, this game is for playoff seeing, which in this AFC climate, is crucial. The Baltimore Ravens have that top seed all but locked up. The second seed however is still very much in play. The Chiefs are still in contention for that spot, as they beat the Pats just about a week and a half ago. If the teams tie, the Chiefs would claim the second spot, meaning that New England would have to play Wild Card weekend for the first time since 2009. That is ludicrous. The Texans still have a play at that 2nd seed as well, as they have beaten both the Chiefs and the Patriots. However, the Patriots would have to lose out, and the Chiefs would have to lose one of their remaining two games. Basically, all three teams would end up 11-5, and the Texans would take over the second seed.

There is a ton at play with this game. Not only is the AFC East up for grabs for the first time since 2008, when the Dolphins somehow managed to grab it from a Tom Brady-less Patriots squad, but the playoff seeding is still not set. This divisional bout between the two AFC heavyweights will have enormous playoff implications. Also, if anyone really cares, the NFC East is up for grabs blah blah blah. Cowboys and Eagles play this week for the division on the line. Both are sitting at 7-7, and will give the winning team a huge advantage for next week.

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