Chase Young #1 Overall Next Year?

Chase Young is arguably the best player in the draft If the Bengals or Dolphins do not get the first overall pick, he is expected to be #1 overall. Recent news have thrown a wrench into a lot of NFL team’s future plans. TMZ reported this morning that Young does not plan on entering the draft this year. He plans on returning to Ohio State for his Senior year.

With the potential of Chase Young returning to OSU, it could hurt his draft stock. This year, Young is only behind Burrow for the #1 overall pick. If he does return, next year it is possible for him to fall behind 2 QBs, Trevor Lawrence and Justin Fields, and other breakout players. Also, something we hate to talk about, it is very possible he suffers an injury. No athlete ever wants to think about that but in a sport like football, injuries are very possible. Just like Tua this year, he went from the potential number 1 to falling potentially out of the first round because of an injury.

It is very possible that Young returns for his Senior season. This could be a smart move overall because football players know anything can happen. With him going back he can finish up his degree and have something to fall back on. If he does go back, it could hurt is draft stock. If I was Chase Young, declare for the draft. Finish your degree at a later date. Get paid like you should!

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