This Week in the NHL: Calgary is HAWT.

Oh bOy, hErE ComE THE flaMeS! (Picture courtesy of NHL)

Hey guys, it’s a me, Soggi Boi! I was just writing this little ol thing top see if you have time to talk about our lord and savior, Johnny Hockey? You don’t? Sucks to be you. JOHNNY BOI. Man I love this kids game. Also doesn’t hurt that his team is 8-1-1 in their last 10, and are on 7 game win streak, and a 9 game point streak. This Calgary team was the West last year, and rightfully so. Can they repeat on top of the conference this year? No.

Well, they could, but I don’t think this will last that long. They at least have last season as a pH test, but I think last year for them was a fluke. Not to mention, they have gotten rid of some key pieces over this past offseason. They are getting some surprising decent goaltending from David Rittich, a general unknown before this season, at least to me. They also have Cam Talbot, which definitely doesn’t hurt. But overall, too much has changed for them to sustain success from last year.

Unfortunately for Flames’ fans, they won’t be winning the Cup anytime soon. If you haven’t heard, a Canadian team hasn’t hoisted the cup since ’93, when ze Montreal Canadiens beat the Los Angeles Kings in 5. Since then, an American team has won the Cup every year. The last time a Canadian team was in the Stanley Cup Final was 2011, when the Canucks lost in Game 7 to the Bruins. Canada has had a very long Cup drought, and the Flames won’t be able to fix that this year.

As for most teams, the regular season is a completely different beast. I don’t think the Flames have what it takes to make a deep playoff run. Even at full health, I don’t think they can even make it out of the first round. They were the 2nd best team in the NHL last year, but somehow got booted by Colorado. Listen, that wasn’t as bad as what happened to the Lightning, but it wasn’t all that better either. Moral of the story here ladies and gentlemen, only the healthiest teams make it far. Oh, and if you hit your stride too earlier, then you’ll end up like the poor Lightning and Flames last year. Great home-ice advantage that was.

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