Post-Championship Weekend Mock Draft

I used to complete this mock. I did not choose where the teams drafted. The simulator goes based of the teams record and updated throughout the season. This is my 2020 NFL Mock Draft 1.0.

I am not going to go over every pick, but below you can see my mock. I am just going to discuss top names in the draft. 

#1: Cincinnati Bengals take Joe Burrow. Address their biggest need and take the best QB in the draft. 

#2: New York Giants take the best player in the draft, Chase Young. Pair him up with Dexter Lawrence and increase their pass rush.

#4: Miami is worried about Tua’s injury and takes Justin Herbert. Miami was been hanging on with Fitzmagic but is ready to take their franchise QB. 

#7: Cardinals need to protect Kyler Murray. They take Tristan Wirfs to help.

#8: The Jags have something in Minshew, Fournette, and Chark. They take the best receiver in the draft, Jerry Jeudy, to add one more weapon. 

#12: The Philadelphia Eagles CBS have been awful all year. Unfortunately they don’t get Okudah, but Fulton will help. 

#14: Panthers need secondary help. Grant Delpit, best safety and too 3 player in this draft is a perfect fit.

#16. Gruden’s Raiders need some wide receivers. CeeDee Lamb will soon become Carr’s favorite target. 

#18: The Raiders are back on the clock. Even though there is still potential for them to take another WR, they take CB Trevon Diggs to help a week secondary. 

#22: Miami already took their franchise QB. Even though it would be smart to give him some weapons, they need to protect Herbert. Creed Humphrey will get the job done.

#27: Rodgers needs to more receivers. The Packers can not rely on Adams forever. They grab Tee Higgins to compliment Adams and give Rodgers another receiving threat.

#28: With Brees getting older and Tua still on the board, the Saints take a chance. Tua has the potential to pickup right where Brees leaves off

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