Post Number 30 for the Soggi Boi

Zek is a happy boi.

Just wanted to stop the sports talk for a second and get real with you guys. This is an appreciation post to all of you out there who have given us a chance here at BOTA Sports. We all really appreciate your support as we continue to expand as a brand, and just continue to have a great time talking about the things we love: sports. These past couple of months have been nothing short of fantastic. I love the direction that we are headed in, I love the group that we have, and the content we are getting out on a regular basis is awesome.

Just some quick notes on what’s been happening with the BOTA Sports world. This past month we added two new members to the BOTA Family: Michael Royce and Brett Zeinert! Mike, or Royce as we all call him, hopped onto the blog and podcast to talk about NFL and College Football, but he can talk about anything under the sun. Brett is coming to us for our newest Podcast, Taping the Shaft. Him and I are running it together, and talking about the hockey world. Speaking of new podcasts, Taping the Shaft just had its inaugural episode! Also, we introduced Enter the Rage Cage, which is just a podcast segment in which the members of BOTA can flip out. I will be jumping in on dat good shit this week for a little rant about the NFC East.

It isn’t easy getting the name out there, trust me. But the fact that you are reading this, means we appreciate the hell out of you. You are the reason BOTA has continued to grow. I will have huge news for everyone in the coming weeks. However, I must keep it a surprise. Wouldn’t be fun if I spoiled it now, would it? As always, stay soggi my people. Soggi Boi OUT.

This is my generic winner’s medal. Such shine, much wow.

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