Jerry Jones Should Be Begging Tony Romo to Coach Dem Boys

Howdy BOTA Peeps! I’m happy to bring you the first blog from the Great Drew-dini! Had the urge to get this out there today and I hope y’all enjoy!

With the firing of Ron Rivera still looming in the rearview mirror, the focus shifts to the mess known as the Dallas Cowboys and their cheerleader/head coach, Jason Garrett. The man that spends more time clapping on the sidelines than game planning is on the hot seat for sure. Losing the division to the Eagles, with whom they are currently tied almost definitely seals Garrett’s sad fate; but it’s a 50/50 shot whether Jerry Jones pulls the trigger or just gives him another contract extension.

Where might you ask would Mr. Jones find a replacement?? Look no further than a man Garrett coached, the man Dak put out of his NFL misery a mere 3 years ago. Yes folks, we’re talking Tony Romo! Jerry Jones should be blowing Tony up like an ex that just can’t take the hint and move on. He should be throwing as much money as it takes at him. We’ve seen another former QB flexing his coaching skills with the Cowboys already in Kellen Moore; time for him to team up with Tony and stop wasting the talented, young offense. An offense, by the way, that Moore has already been able to propel to one of the most efficient we’ve ever seen. With Tony and his football IQ at the helm, I think they would finally be able to translate that offensive production into wins. Time to get it done Jerry.

This shouldn’t be a one sided affair however as it would provide the opportunity for Romo to finish what he started back in 2003 when the very same Dallas Cowboys signed him as an undrafted free agent out of Eastern Illinois. It would almost be poetic to see the team that gave him his start (and finish) as a player, get Tony into the world of head coaching. If he were to win a Super Bowl there as head coach, his legacy will have come full circle. Now, I am by no means a Cowboys fan but I have always liked Tony Romo and that really is a scenario I wouldn’t mind watching play out.