Cass Money Chronicles: A Heartfelt Message To Tom Brady And The Patriots

Look, I know I fuck around a lot, use a lot of sarcasm, and truly believe in the success of Boston sports constantly. I’m currently pregaming to go to the Patriots game this afternoon (club seats of course. Nah, just kidding I’m so broke a beer at the game might make me declare for bankruptcy) and it just hit me that this season is really, really special and we need to enjoy it and see the mesmerizing Patriots while we can. So here goes my heartfelt message to Tom Brady and the Patriots organization.

Let’s start off with a thank you to the Patriots for the last 20 years. I was born in ‘95 so 2000 is really the first football year I can focus on remembering bits and pieces. But us Boston fans, especially Patriots fans, have been so lucky to be apart of Patriots Nation for as long as we have. We have been able to witness greatness like never seen before from the likes of the Patriots organization. 9 Super Bowl appearances, 6 rings, 1 team, and by far the greatest Quarterback of all time. Thank you for the amazing seasons, the sacrifices, the amazing drive always fought on the field, the off-field love, the parades, thank you for it all.

It’s currently hitting me now that if we can’t get our offense out of this slump, there’s a small chance, but a chance nonetheless, that Tom Brady moves on from the Patriots, or football from that matter. I would just like to take the time to reminisce and enjoy the glory days while they’re still here. While #12 is still suiting up and running on that field while he can. We’ve been lucky enough to witness this greatness for some time, and I don’t want it to be gone, but the time comes for everyone to hang up their cleats and helmets one day, and at this rate, it’s looking like sooner rather than later for Tom.

Whereas I still have faith that the patriots can find their stride, I think we should enjoy the amazing seasons, the amazing play and drive of the Patriots we’ve been able to witness for quite some time. The screams and cheers when Brady throws a dime down the field. When Edelman keeps the ball off the ground to spark the greatest comeback in Super Bowl history. When Gronk carries half the defense to gain an extra 10 yards. When Randy Moss catches his 50th touchdown pass from Tom Brady like clockwork. The laughter and love when all of Boston parades to the streets to see the champions. When players catch beer from fans on the Duckboats. When Boston forms into “The City of Champions”. When every Boston team rallies together to celebrate their City’s win. The gasps when Malcom Butler makes that interception at the goal line. When Adam Vinatieri kicks the game-winning field goal. When the coin flip in the first overtime in Super Bowl history goes in our favor. When all hope is lost and the Patriots show exactly why you never count them out.

Thank you Patriots. Thank you Tom Brady. Thank you Boston. Thank you, for everything. Whether we lose every game for the rest of the season. Whether we make it to our 10th Super Bowl appearance. Whether we bring home our 7th ring. Thank you, for all that has been done for our city, for our fans, for our hearts.

Let’s enjoy this time we have with Tom Brady, Bill Bellichik and the Patriots dominant organization while we have it and let’s not forget the amazing times they’ve all given us. Through the good, bad, and worse (fuck you Eli), we’re with you Patriots, and we thank you, for everything. Let’s go Pats!

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