Jerry Jones is The Awful Boyfriend We Have All Known

Jason, we need to talk. I may not be a fan of you. I will probably never be a fan of you. I remember when you took over for Wade Philips way back in 2010 (seems longer right?). In eight full seasons as the coach, you have had four winning seasons. Somehow, you are still employed. To be honest, I don’t really get it. That being said, You don’t deserve to be beaten around by Jerry Jones any more.

For the past three years, Jerry has publicly talked about replacing you, he has teased leaving you for another coach, he has never really made you feel safe in secure in your relation…..I mean job. I meant Job.

Does Jerry Jones remind you of any one from the past? Maybe an ex-boyfriend, lets call him Brad. Brad was always talking to other girls, Brad loved to flex his money, Brad never really made you feel loved, Brad was using you. Jerry is using you Jason.

Jason, you have been manipulated and twisted by Jerry and his awful actions. Every owner in the NFL wants to win a trophy. Maybe not Mike Brown of the Bengals, I’m not really sure what he is doing anymore.

The Cowboys used to be Americas team. They used to be a powerhouse. I fully understand Jerry trying to bring them back there. More success means more money. We all know, Jerry loves money. I don’t blame him for wanting to be a perennial Superbowl contender, but just let him go Jerry.

One thought on “Jerry Jones is The Awful Boyfriend We Have All Known

  1. Wow James, how could you? Jerry Jones has done nothing but good for the City Of Dallas over the past *checks cue card* 20 years. *Slowly looks at Jerry Jones, who is holding a gun to my head* The owners are the best thing to happen to the league ever.


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