In Response to James: Are You Mental?

Look at that face, how could anyone love you Jason? Not even daddy Jerry does.

Listen, sometimes at BOTA we have some, minor disagreements. Well this is a full on FIGHT. James, how you gonna blame Jerry for this shit? Jason Garrett is 99.9% at fault for this. Yes, as an owner, if things aren’t working out, you should replace the coach. HOWEVER, if I was Jason Garrett and saw that Jerry Jones was giving me multiple chances to set the ship right, wouldn’t you think the man would get a grip and figure it out? Like James said, Garrett has only had 4 winning season in his tenure. This year could very likely be another losing season, although they could somehow MAKE THE GOD DAMN PLAYOFFS. Not happy about that, especially where there are other teams in the conference that have better records.

James, baby-cakes, you’re on one if you think blaming the owner is the right thing to do here. Like you said, money talks. He’s trying to keep his brand alive, and he’ll be damned if a muppet such as Jason Garrett screws it up for him. I mean, owners rule the league, and why would we ever say anything bad about them, like ever? They are the foundation of everything we love about football, especially when they take their special trips to Orchids of Asia Day Spa in Jupiter, Florida. Looking at YOU Robert.

Cowboys Fans: We are a playoff team!
Rest of the League: We aRe A PlaYOFf team!
Jason Garrett: How do I still have a job?

This post was just a friendly reminder to JAMES that we have STANDARDS here at BOTA. If you are going to trash any of the owners, you need to wait for me because MAN DOES JERRY JONES SUCK ASS. James, I completely agree with you, it’s his baby. He did this to himself by continuing to employ Garrett. How you going to continue to employ this man but shit talk him to just about anyone that will listen. I dislike both of them, but boy does Jerry Jones need to catch up with the rest of the NFL. This isn’t the 90’s anymore Jerry, nobody cares about those three Superbowls with TROY AIKMEN. No disrepect to Michael Irvin though, cause he was a baaaaaaaad man on that field. Oh, and Emmitt Smith was there too *cough*. Can you tell how much I love the Cowboys?

Anywhooo, James, I love you baby boi, I love your takes, and I appreciates you. But don’t you EVER mock Jerry Jones or the Cowboys without me, mkaaaay?

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